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appearances right now in reno gambling on a state that put all the chips on barack obama last time around. >>> mo cocco is in the house. why are we telling nuns they can't vote? >>> dysfunction is bigger than elections. it's what washington elected not to do that costs families next year. are they right this time? >>> all that plus the electoral college. what's up with that? >>> t-minus 13 days and the candidates in a fight to the fin initial in the state that is matter most. the president racking up the miles on air force one hitting seven states in two days. >> this is the first stop on our 48-hour fly around campaign marathon extravaganza. we're going to pull an all-nighter. no sleep. we're starting here in iowa. we're going to colorado. then we're going to go to nevada. then we're going to florida, virginia, ohio. i am going to stop in chicago to vote. >> and right now, mitt romney is speaking in nevada. he and paul ryan focusing there hoping to sweet the spot of 270 electoral votes. ohio is the key to that math with 18 votes on its own. more money has been spent on ads in the buckeye
assumed he wouldn't be appearing like he was the incumbent and obama would act as the challenger. as i slept on and talk to republican strategists today, i think they think they're ahead. he was like someone ahead trying to do no harm, and i think he accomplished what he set out to do, which was establish that he had a presidential temperament and stature to be commander in chief, which the early reaction showed. fair-minded observers would say he hit that mark. he also wanted to take away the ability of the president in his closing arguments these next two weeks to cast romney as a warmonger, and i think he did that. i'm told they wanted to not scare women and turn it to the economy whenever they could, and he did all that. so i'm actually from obama's point of view very anxious a day after. it also suggests that kind of prevent/defend strategy shows how confident they were last night. >> matt, does romney seem competent as command ner chief when he continually is hugging the president's positions and saying i agree, i agree, i agree and i was no substantive critique of your foreign p
the following. mitt romney has to try to expose barack obama on the issue of libya. he has to try and raise questions about barack obama's policies in the middle east, and try to implement in voters' minds perhaps this guy who takes all this creditor killing osama bin laden, though it was honorable and great in american history. what has he done there? he mismanaged it. barack obama is going to say i'm the only person up here to be commander in chief. i've dealt with it for four years. not only did i kill osama bin laden but understand the real risks. my opponents said russia is the number one geo political foe. everyone says the president has to make that argument about russia and bring up mitt romney's trip to london that didn't go so well. the most interesting thing tonight toushgs re, look at the issue of china and their currency manipulation. sthaets something mitt romney has spoken about frequently. interesting enough republicans that i've spoken to and folks close to gop leadership. they acknowledge that mitt romney's china's plan goes against things they went on the house floor. joh
days. they don't want people to think they can get out of the box and undo obama care and slash spending on day one. they want time to put together a pragmatic budget. they sigh that as a priority. it's one of the reasons that paul ryan and the house budget committee chairman ended up as the vice presidential candidate. >> essentially he can't do what he promised during the primary? >> not in the first 100 days. >> jonathan, i'm going to call you j-dog. what? >> your own nickname? >> yeah. we have our own thing going. matt bey has a column in the times today how bill clinton may have hurt the obama campaign suggesting that bill clinton's advice to barack obama to paint mitt romney midway through the campaign as a severe conservative instead of sticking with the cemented narrative that mitt romney was a flip-flopper may end up hurting obama in the end. it worked for bill clinton because he was seen as a centrist. he was viewed by voters as a progressive and people see mitt romney as a flip-flopper. what you are your thoughts? >> the real reasons that barack obama has to worry abo
bring that kind of change, real change to our country. >> speak being of change, president obama is taking a breather after clocking more than 6,000 miles in 37 hours. that's a road trip four. with 11 days to go the president continues to campaign with a round of radio interviews. >> after the election and i believe i'll win to bring the republicans together with my administration and democrats and say to them the election is over, we still have some big problems to solve, and the goal of making me a one term president is behind us. >> let's bring in "times" deputy washington bureau chief michael crowley. how are you? we just saw the president talking to michael smirkonish, he was on "rock center," the "tonight show" and "morning joe." he's doing a lot of interviews. meanwhile romney said no more interviews for the ref of the election, what do you make of these two different strategies? >> well i'm a little surprised because i think that all though it seems like the popular vote right now in the polling is at least tied and romney may even have a little bit of an edge, i think ob
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)